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FLEXIWARM / FLEXIWARM + heating cables
with non-metallic conductors made of carbon fiber


Carbon fiber heating cables with silicone elastomer insulation are available in two versions:    
   1) braided of copper wires (Flexiwarm +)
   2) without braid (Flexiwarm).

Heating cables are very universal products due to the wide range of heating temperatures,
high flexibility and low weight. The heating cables can be arranged in the form of large lamellae
bend radius, coils and strands, as well as form flexible heating mats or enclose into a figure
rigid panels.


One of the possible applications of Telpod heating cables is the creation of flexible heating elements, i.e. heating mats. It is a type of heater that is created after the heating cables are laid on the base  made of fiberglass mat.

The cable is glued to the mat in such a way as to heat a large area, and at the same time the entire system has a small thickness (in practice it is the sum of the thickness of the mat and the diameter of the cable). This enables laying e.g. under the floor (ceramic tiles or panels)  and creates an efficient radiator with a large area.


The type of cable (unit resistance), its length and the power dissipated are closely related and therefore must be prepared by Telpod.

Such ready-made elements (together with power cables) can be used by the user (ordering party) according to the rules and instructions of the manufacturer.

Supplementary elements (depending on the application) are temperature sensors and temperature regulators cooperating with them. 

TELPOD heating mats

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