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Our GBR series high voltage planar resistors are designed mainly according to customer requirements. These individual specifications make this series particularly effective in a given application. High voltage flat resistors also regulate voltage in measuring devices. As a result, they provide an easy and economical way to measure. Therefore, these resistors play an important role in power devices such as X-ray machines, laboratory equipment or aerospace engineering applications.


Working voltage: up to 40 kV
Tolerance: ± 0.1% to ± 10% 
Resistance range: 200Ω up to 2GΩ 
TWR: ±100 ppm/°C 
Different coating options
Non-induction design
RoHS compliant


High voltage measuring equipment
Power supply devices
Medical technology
Electrostatic devices
Smart Grid Sensing/Metering
X-ray equipment
Motor control systems

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