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Rotary Potentiometers


series potentiometers PC-199 they are enclosed in a sealed metal housing, with a cermet resistive element, which is much more durable than typical carbon tracks. The potentiometer has a linear characteristic (A). Potentiometers are available in a hermetic housing (marked "H") or with a higher torque (marked "R"). Potentiometers with resistance tolerances of 5% and 10% are available on special request.


Technical parameters

Nominal resistance

Range of available resistances

Resistance tolerance

Maximum loss power (T = 40⁰C)

load capacity 

Maximum operating voltage

breakdown voltage

Mechanical angle of rotation

Electric angle of rotation

Climatic category

100Ω … 4,7MΩ
R ≤ 470 kΩ           ±20%

R > 470 kΩ           ±30%
1 W

25% Pn
350 V
350 V

240⁰ ±10⁰
230⁰ ±10⁰


Drawings, datasheets

3D models

model 3D: PC-199 20P1

Other on request


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