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▪ Ultra-high power density

▪ Low profile thick-film on AlN
▪ Low inductance design

▪ High isolation

▪ Built-in temperature sensor option
▪ Easy mounting on heatsink

▪ UL 94 V-0
▪ RoHS compliant

Seria HPR

RTS - Ultra High Power Resistors

Serie RTS

▪ Very low profile made of stainless steel

▪ Very good power to volume ratio

▪ Peak power up to 5kW
▪ Low inductance design

▪ High insulation

▪ Easy installation on the radiator

▪ Ideal for dynamic braking, start-up limiters and damping circuits

▪ Selection of pins: soldered wires or connectors
▪ Compliance with the RoHS directive, non-flammable

▪ Tubular high voltage power resistors 

▪ High temperature silicone coating.

▪ Clamp or a cap available

▪ Possibility execution of a variant with water connections.

▪ Available with increased electrical insulation.
▪ Low inductance design

▪ UL 94 V-0
▪ RoHS compliant


40W / 63W / 100W in air

option water cooling

TFPR - Surge Energy Resistors

Seria TFPR

▪ Surge Energy thick-film resistors

▪ Non Inductive planar package
▪ High power density
▪ Maximal energy withstanding capabilities
▪ Thin package for PCB instalation
▪ Power dissipated above the board

▪ Durable and stable connection
▪ RoHS, REACH compilant

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