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Flat, Non-Inductive High Power Resistors


RTS series high power resistors are made in a thick film technology on stainless steel substrate. Resistors are characterized by a high power at small size, high resistance to temporary overloads and very low inductance which make them useful at high power and high frequency applications. Mounting holes dimensions are compliant with standard thick film heat-sinkable power resistors, which allows for an easy replacement. Various types of connectors are available, in standard resistors are equipped with 5/A screw connectors. Resistors are designed for use with suitable heatsink.

Rezystor RTS-03

Technical parameters


Range of available resistances
Resistance tolerance
Rated power (with heatsink)

Dielectric layer breakdown voltage
max. junction temperature
External dimensions
Tightening torque for M4 mounting screws

* also available ±1500 ppm/K

** also available 300⁰C

0.1Ω … 1MΩ 
±5%, ±10%  

> 2.5kV
±100ppm/K *
170⁰C **   
75 x 75 x 2mm
1.6Nm … 1.8Nm  

Drawings, datasheets

3D models



Applications (selected)

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